5 Exclusive Lagos Beaches For Tourists

Lagos State is blessed no doubt, with natural beaches. It is common to find fun seekers at these beaches exploring the lively and soft sand beaches, tropic jungle and thick forest with hundreds of kilometers of ocean beaches. However, among the numerous beaches in Lagos State, not all of them can be said to be safe. This piece points out a few selected beaches that are known to be safest and recommended for those who love to unwind at such fun spots.

Halemson Beach
Halemson Beach is about 30 minutes boat cruise from Victoria Island, and a 10-minute boat cruise from Satellite Town waterside. It is a quite, reserved, and one of the safest beaches in Lagos, and is founded on the desire to provide an atmosphere for the individual, group, family, and corporate bodies that that long for natural, quite, and peaceful atmosphere, which the fast pace city life can not provide.

Halemson Beach Resort.

Akodo Beach

This ultra-modern beach was designed to open up tourism and facilitate private sector participation in tourism development. It is one of the most visited beaches by fun seekers in Lagos State and it is equipped with modern facilities, chalets, amusement parks and rides, and a serene swimming beach are features of this amazing fun spot. Despite it is located in Lagos city known for its normal daily hustle and bustle nature, adequate security has been put in place to protect its visitors that troop there to have fun either during festivity, weekends, or ordinary days.

Akodo Beach.

Coconut Beach
Located towards the boundaries of Lagos State in the ancient town of Badagry, is the Coconut Beach. This magnificent beach has a reputation for being a center for the slave trade in 18000s. The beach is pleasant, fascinating and very safe, and also provides a perfect holiday resort. Visitors are advised to wear hats at it can be relatively hot at midday. For those who love coconuts and its juice, they can be sure to have an unforgettable experience as lots of coconuts are found all over the place.

Badagry Coconut Beach.

Bar Beach
The Bar Beach is one of the earliest, most popular, and most visited beach in Lagos. With well-equipped facilities and adequate security in place, visitors will experience and enjoy the tropical and Atlantic breeze from the Bar beach, which is part of the Larger Gulf of Guinea. And for those who cherish their privacy, local tents can be constructed on the spot for a reasonable fee.

Lagos Bar Beach.

Eleko Beach
Eleko Beach stands out as one of the most peaceful, safe, serene, clean, and most beautiful beaches in Lagos. It is a beach that puts one in a relaxed mood after the usual day to day activities in Lagos. It is highly recommended for the depressed and fatigued in search of a refreshing and rejuvenating relaxation.

Eleko Beach.

Safety in public fun spots such as beaches is the most important factor in searching for a great place to relax. when in Lagos State, either for a visit or in transit and one decides to visit the beach, any of these featured beaches is recommended for visits.


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