5 Fascinating Pictures That Will Change How You See Nigeria

Nigeria, a land flowing with milk and honey, and a land of so much abundance is a place richly blessed by God the creator with both human and natural resources has withstood the test of time despite the numerous challenges that have faced her.
This post is a tribute to our great country, bringing the best out of her and shifting focus from all the negative media this great country has been getting lately.

These are some amazing random pictures of Nigeria captured by photographers:

1. Central Mosque Abuja

The magnificient Abuja National Mosque, also known as the national mosque of Nigeria, a country with a substantial Muslim population. The mosque was built in 1984 and it is open to the non-Muslim public, except during congregational prayers.

2. Akwa Ibom Boulevard

Contrary to popular belief, Nigerians cherish nature and beautiful green fields. Commissioned in August 2014, the Goodluck Jonathan boulevard in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state where 16 feeder roads are expected to empty into the boulevard, and the boulevard is designed with room for expansion in such a way that more lanes could be added in future as the city expands.

3. Christ Church Cathedral in Marina, Lagos

The Cathedral Church of Christ is the oldest Anglican Cathedral in Nigeria. The church construction was completed in 1946 and is still well maintained till date.

4. Akwa Ibom International Stadium

The Akwa Ibom Stadium meets world standard in respect to its sleek design and the array of facilities it has been well equipped and it is of the same high standards as the Old Trafford, San Siro, Alianz Arena, Camp Nou to mention but a few.

5. Real Estate in Abuja
Nigerians are well to do and they value shelter as much as they value any other basic need of man.
Nigerians are comfortable in their homelands, and not everywhere in Nigeria is a rural dirty suburb as the western media would want to make you believe. Good news to investors, Nigerians appreciate real good houses and we don’t mind spending all our cash just to live comfortably.
Additionally, see photos of an Anglican church in Onitsha:

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