Here Are 5 Important Milestones In Nigerian Relationships

Milestones in relationships help track the level of trust, love, convenience, and how deep your spouse is involved in the relationship.

These milestones are way beyond money.

Listed below are five important milestones in Nigerian relationships.

1. Sharing ATM passwords

This is a great milestone in African relationships because it depicts that you trust your spouse to a certain level. Money has proven to be one of the major causes of breakups and divorces over the years.

2. WiFi password

An open WiFi network has in its own little way strengthen relationships.

3. First kiss

The first kiss in every relationship is always special. It is one kiss no one forgets in a hurry.

4. First introduction to third parties

The moment he/she introduces you to their friends or siblings then you mean something. It simply means you have taken another step deeper into the relationship.

5. Sleepover

The first sleepover is also very significant in relationships. At this moment you are trying to portray the most perfect habbits and manners.

Source: Pulse.ng


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