Here Are 5 Most Important Things Your Wife Needs


One of the major keys to a positive, fruitful marriage is unselfishness and consideration If you can put your spouse’s needs above your own, or at least close to the top of your priorities, then you are on the right track. You can’t do this, though, without actually knowing what her needs are.

Women generally have a lot they want, and marriage itself requires a lot of things to stay alive and blissful. If you never knew, these are the top five things that generally make women happy – every other thing is secondary.

Every woman wants to feel loved, admired and appreciated all the time;

1. Appreciation

Every woman wants to feel loved, admired and appreciated all the time. So your wife needs you to always recognise the efforts she puts into ensuring the home does not fall apart.

You might be the one making the lion share of the money, but you still need to realise that if your wife’s homely efforts are broken down into monetary value, you may never be able to afford it.

2. Attraction

No matter how hard you work or how much effort you put into every other aspect of making the marriage work, you should not neglect to remain well-groomed as you were when she fell in love with you. Do all you can to retain the attraction your wife felt towards you even before you got married

3. Support

Your wife needs your support financially, domestically, and in every other sense imaginable. Be heavily, actively involved in paying the bills and settling other financial obligations.

You should also be doing your part of domestic activities. It is in no way obligatory, but she’d be glad if you assisted in heaving out the trash bag when its filled.

4. Sexual intimacy

This is as important as all other four combined. Most women prefer men that are not one-dimensional in this regard. Many of them also prefer a man who knows his way around this aspect of matrimony. So, get better if you love your wife. A lot of the happiness in your marriage depends on this.

5. Respect

Here is where you are reminded of your duty to protect your wife from abuse, stay faithful to her, and never do anything that contradicts your wedding vows. These are all ways of showing her that you respect her.


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