5 Nigerian Celebrities That Make Lady Gaga Look Like A Learner

Not much might have been heard from international singer Lady Gaga in a while following the flop of her album “Art Pop” which was released back in 2013 but no doubt she has been able to influence many people around the world since coming into the spotlight.

Lady Gaga is not just going by the name of Gaga for nothing because we all know how crazy and outlandish she can be and these five African celebrities are however to give the queen of crazy a run for her money with some of their own statements.

See for yourself the five Lady Gaga wannabes that we got right here in Africa:


Who does not know that Whitenicious boss, Dencia is as controversial as they come?

The Cameroonian singer and entrepreneur is sometimes referred to the African Lady Gaga and the reason is not farfetched when you go through some of her fashion statements.

We don’t know if she is trying to compete with Lady Gaga!



Would we even have a list if the name of the most controversial celebrity is not on the list? Denrele Edun is crazy and he knows it and just like Lady Gaga he is not afraid to capitalize on it.

Well his craziness works for him and makes him his money so who are we to complain.


Everybody’s sweetheart Tiwa Savage might be considered the a sensational singer and ooze sex appeal but there are times we have been left wondering if she used Lady Gaga as her lookbook before dressing up.


The oldest on the list but not any less controversial and eccentric in his ways than the rest on the list. Charly Boy is considered as the ‘area fada’ and we all love him.

He is a veteran entertainer and he makes it clear to us all that Charly Boy is different from Charles Oputa, whatever the case may be, all we know is that we see him and then we see Lady Gaga.


Flaunting her goodies is no strange thing to Halima Abubakar and we got to say that she has that in common with Lady Gaga herself who has been seen in many states of nudity, semi-nudity than we care to keep count.

We used to think that Halima’s cleavage baring was still bordering on sexy right until she decided to flaunt a white wig saying she is trying to channel Storm of X-Men.

That just didn’t come off well as rather than see a sexy Storm, we see a Lady Gaga in the making.



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