5 Nigerian Contemporary Songs That Could Pass As Awesome Poems

Here are some contemporary Nigerian songs that are poetic, deep and very touching.

Despite the fact that we have so many horrible songs nowadays, there are still countless Nigerian songs that are poetic, deep and very touching.

However, most of these songs, when stripped of their instrumentals, may not hold up so well as serious poetry.

What songs do you feel, on paper, could pass for poetry so much so that a reputable publishing company would want to acquire and distribute them regardless of the identity of the author?

Just to get things started, here are a few of my personal choices:

1. Crowd Mentality by M.I



There are people walking around just like zombies
And it’s so strange, how people are afraid of change
Afraid of what would happen if we re-arrange
So most Black people are just doing what the crowd do
Doing what the system say, that we’re allowed to
So break free from the crowd mentality
And then we can start to build a new reality.

2. Purple Jar by Brymo



“I’ll take the memories, The car and the purple jar

Tell everyone that I’m gone I burnt the bridges down

I’ll keep my shoes on”

3. Moving On by Asa

Asa in iconic invanity for Elle Magazine SAAsa in iconic invanity for Elle Magazine SA

(Instagram/Dimeji Alara)


“I had to run away and hide
Something happened in the middle
Of the night
I came inside without a sound
Suddenly my life was turning upside down
All that I could feel was pain
And strangers came and took my soul away
Like a deadly hurricane
I know my life would never be the same”

4. I Wish by Waje

Waje on the cover of Made MagazineWaje on the cover of Made Magazine

“I wish I didn’t have such a needy breaky heart
That when it comes to love they say na me dey carry last”

5. Joy by Wizkid



“In the early 90s
That was the beginning
Mama had me
She was definitely smiling
Finally a boy
She was very very happy
She called me grace
She called me blessing
She looked into my eyes
Called me love of her life”

source: pulse.ng


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