5 Nigerian Foods Saving Lives Everyday


There is always a point in our lives where we cant afford to eat a certain meal or we are stuck in traffic for hours or we are just to lazy too cook.

You know at this point that some of the most delicious things have got your back. Rain or shine they are always available in Nigeria.

At every corner store, every Mallam shop, whenever you need them to help you at your time of need.

1. Indomie Noodles:

You cannot claim to be a bona fide Nigerian if you’ve never had indomie. I wont believe you. It is made best with vegetables, eggs or chicken but if you’re broke it’s just as delicious plain (especially this onion flavour)


2. Garri and Groundnut.

I’m getting cravings just writing this post. Chai, this is probably the easiest thing to make as you just need your garri, sugar, cold water and groundnut. Eat some peppered fish/snails with it and you’re in heaven.

 2013-07-03 17.48.51-1

 3. Bolie and Fish/groundnut:

Bolie is roasted plantain and there is probably a woman selling it at the end of your street. Some people like it ripe others like theirs unripe but we can all agree that hot bolie is a gift from God.


 4. SUYA!!

I had to type that out in all caps because suya is not just food, it’s also a friend; that has got you anyday, anytime, anywhere. Suya is amazing because it’s cheap meat that you can eat with anything. Bread, indomie, garri, moi moi….SUYA is bae. SUYA is life. SUYA is love.IMG_20160217_060522

 5. Gala

It’s probably the biggest life saver of all. This is because gala is your go-to when there is nothing to-go to. When you’ve been stuck in traffic on the bridge for 3 hours gala is your guy. When you’re traveling to another state and you don’t trust any of the food you can see, gala is your guy. Down your gala with a chilled la casera or coke and you’re good to go.


I know I said 5 but we can’t forget the ice cream/yoghurt guys. They are the real MVP’s!!IMG_20160217_060520


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