5 People Who Betrayed Former President Jonathan


Former President, Goodluct Jonathan was betrayed during the last election by people and they are paying dearly for it in the hands of Buhari’s government. See the list below….

1. Bukola Saraki : He was the brain behind the PDP, mocked the the then president but I’m sure he is full of regrets.

2 BBOG : One chief reason why the missing girls are still not found is that this group chose to politicise the whole thing. From daily sit outs to press releases, to processing they use every opportunity to abuse the then president but today, after a one off dinner, Buhari has no time for them again. The last meeting they held with him, he angrily walked out on them. And just last week when they sought the attension of his wife, she was more interested in beauty therapy.

3 Benue indigenes : The own reward for voting for the “change” scam is Fulani herdsmen ethnic cleansing

4. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso: A PDP governor who sold out and contributed 2m vote is being ostracized by his new party both at home and national level.

5. Others lost on the way side include Tam West, Soludu, Falana, Oby, Atiku, Tinubu


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