5 PR Moves Tiwa Savage Made In Her Explosive Interview To Gain Public Sympathy

In the past 72 hours, Nigerian women have learnt that behind every celebrity, there is a large amount of unpalatable

Secrets covered up under layers of make-up, smiles, red carpet poses and seeming charisma.

This lesson has come from Nigeria’s Beyonce, and ever-delectable Tiwa Savage who recently (and sadly) had to reveal the intrinsic details of her marriage to her former manager, Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun after he leveled terrible and diabolical allegations against her and his own family.

Many People whom include, Davido’s Hypeman Special Spesh & Charles Inojie just to mention a few have accused Tiwa Savage of trying to use the interview to Gather Public Sympathy well here are 5 PR Moves We Think Tiwa Savage Made In Her Explosive Interview To Gain Public Sympathy Article was Written by Oyindamola Bamgbola and Edited by Somto Monanu.

1. She Told It All:

Tiwa Savage Revealed so many Dirty Secretes About her husband That Literally Tore His Personality and Credibility Apart, Making Her Reclaim Her own Lost Glory. She literally Made Teebillz Look like a cocaine sniffing Pot head whose statements are not to be taken seriously.

According to one of the founding fathers of modern PR, Sam Black, there are 3 rules to handling crisis management:

– Tell it all
– Tell it fast
– Tell it truthfully

Tiwa Savage managed to do this quite well with her exclusive interview.
In the video, she was able to draw her audience in (all by herself) by telling her side of the story in such simple language.

It’s also important to note how her body language, the setting and her “costume” played a critical role in the communication of her truth.

The Above Photo Says It All,

– Photo of the couple strategically placed for viewers to see
– Scarf makes her look homely and truly in sorrow
– Rushed make-ups with Patches as sign of Non-chalance

In recent years, more attention has been paid to superfluous engagements and extravagant weddings. Celebrities have their engagements in Nigeria and then travel out to have “Dubai” weddings while ‘detractors’ and single ladies can only watch from their phones and television screens.


Now, Tiwa Savage had a Dubai wedding, making her a bigger object of ridicule.

But her team did something smart.

They “spinned” a problem till it became an advantage.


They used the African folktale/storytelling approach – one that addresses moral or societal issues and gives lessons.


In the interview, Tiwa points out how she overlooked the potentials of a broken marriage because she was scared that she was getting older and the pressure to get married was intense.

Every woman can relate with this.

Then she went further to mention her miscarriage in Jamaica, how her husband went around with other women, stole money from her and how she was the breadwinner of the family but was telling the whole world the opposite to save her husband’s face.

This sounds like a Nollywood movie but it sure got men and women on Tiwa Savage’s side.

3. She Controlled Her Narrative So Well telling another side of the story


Always give fresh insights aside addressing the issues previously on ground.
People went from feeling sorry for Tee Billz to encouraging Tiwa to divorce him.

4. She Used the best and most reliable medium to address the crisis

It’s 2016 and social media is “trending”.

It would have been a sin if Tiwa Savage had asked us to stay glued to our TV screen to watch to her exclusive tell-all.

5. The Interviewer Asked All The Right Questions

If you’ve watched some of the best interviews in the world, you’ll know that the interviewer is as important as the person being interviewed.

Though Tiwa’s interview was by all journalistic standards a poor one for a journalist like Azuka Ogujiuba who failed to engage and empathize with her interviewee.

She still managed to Ask All The Right Questions and made the Interview pull so much emotional weight.

She literally held back no Punches and asked all the Difficult Questions, Questions you and I where dying to get Answers too.

If this were to be a game of football, Personally i will put the current scoreline at 6 – 1, Tiwa literally went C Ronaldo on her husband scoring a double Hat-trick with this interview and her Husband scored a Goal with the Instagram Rant. Well We hope both parties are able to solve their issues amicably.

Written by Oyindamola Bamgbola and Edited by Somto Monanu.


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