5 Reasons To Love Talented “Ada Mbano” Actress

Queen Nwokoye is one talented Nollywood actress who is popular for movies like  “Chetanna,” “Mirror of Life,” “Ada Mbano,” “One Blood,” among others.

Over the years, the actress has grown to become one of our favourites. There’s definitely more to Queen Nwokoye than a long list of acting credit.

Check out 5 reasons to love the actress.

1. She’s beautiful.

She’s not one of those you constantly see gracing different red carpet events, but the actress is without doubt one of the most beautiful.

From watching her on screen to stalking her Instagram page, the actress is beautiful.

2. She’s talented.

Queen Nwokoye is one of those actresses in the supposed ‘Old Nollywood’ industry, that is yet to be given the due recognition her talent deserves.

From her comedy films to when she decides to be that ‘serious’ lead character, her acting skills are never in question.

3. She is allergic to talking about her private life.

That has to be one of the reasons why she has remained scandal free. She’s one actress who is willing to share every part of her life, but her family – and we aren’t complaining.

4. She’s not even from Imo State, yet she did a perfect job at interpreting the character Adure in “Ada Mabano.”

The movie “Ada Mbano” starred the actress as a local village girl from Imo State, who had to speak the Imo State dialect of Igbo language. The actress had to learn the dialect from the director of the film.

Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye

5. She’s as funny as they come.

The below viral video of the actress alongside Ken Erics, is enough proof that the actress is one of the funniest you can watch on screen.

source: Pulse.ng


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