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5 Reasons Men Prefer To Marry An ‘Ugly’ Woman

There are so many mysterious things happening in our society; there are things that are hard to fathom. The boy-girl relationship would always be one of the most complex things.

People often say the heart has no control over who it chooses to fall in love with. They back this point up by concluding that love is blind. There are many times we see handsome men in the society who are crushing over ladies who do not match them beauty wise. Again, people would say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

The ladies also have a part to play, the beautiful ladies in the society go for guys who are ugly because they feel more secured with them. These things have to do more with psychology as the people involved focus more on inner strengths and beauty. The outward appearance amounts to little or nothing. Do not forget that being ugly is relative; a person who is ugly could turn heads and make people drool if he or she is appropriately dressed.

Makeup and fashion play a major role here; being sophisticated will never allow people to see the ugliness in you. Referring to someone who is rich as being ugly is absurd. This is because the ugly person can use his or her money and fame to buy you over.

Find below some of the odd reasons why most handsome men end up with ugly women:

1. Love is blind

Sometimes, the handsome men in the society are liberal; they think beyond the physical attribute and concentrate more on the soul. They simply fall in love with these ugly women without planning it. They see them as being beautiful and would not trade them for the most beautiful girls in the society.

2. The ugly ones have good qualities

You cannot be ugly and nasty at the same time. These ladies considered as being ugly must have heard that annoying remark all their lives. They probably grew up acknowledging the fact that they are ugly; they find ways to strike a balance by dressing well and being humble. They equip themselves with the right tools in life as this would help them go far. Men want women who have good traits that could be passed on to their children. Handsome men have little or no worry over what their children would look like, all thanks to genetic modification.

3. Men get tired of playing

Many of the handsome men in the society are casanovas. They know the kind of power they have over women when they step into a gathering. Their sex appeal is definitely not on this level as women throw themselves at them. Before most of these men decide to settle down, they must have had their fill of the beautiful ladies out there. At the end of the day, they end up picking any woman.

4. A feeling of security

Some men deliberately go for ugly women so they do not have to be worried about other guys disturbing them. The beautiful ladies come with dramas; they know they are beautiful and tend to misbehave. They feel there would be thousands of guys out there who would be ready to have them if the men ever mess up. They work this attitude into their lifestyle and give the men a tough time.

5. Ugly women treat men better

Men are egoistic in nature; most of them want women who will worship and adore them. A beautiful woman may not be able to put up with the excesses of the men because they are also proud. Since two wrongs can never make a right, handsome men would rather go for women who would compliment them. These ugly women appreciate the men because they feel honoured to be chosen by them. This does not mean that they will allow the men to treat them like trash.


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