5 Reasons Why Rebound Relationship Is A Good Idea


In case you don’t know, a rebound relationship happens when you just newly left a serious relationship and immediately you breakup find someone else to distract you, the person thinks he’s dating you or he would but you just know that you’re wasting the persons time. Now you what a rebound is.

People say having a rebound is bad and blablabla but here are some upsides to having a rebound relationship.


1. They give you the much needed distraction

Lying in bed tossing and turning over your ex can be tedious and just plain exhausting therefore, queue your rebound. Instead of picking up the phone to beg for your ex back, text your rebound. Not only is he/she going to be responsive, they always seem to say the right thing. Maybe they sense your lingering vulnerability after your breakup, but hearing someone tell you you’re awesome/ amazing/beautiful never gets old.


2. Playing bedminton is better than not playing bedminton

Imagine this: you just got out of a two year relationship. You were used to having se x on a pretty regular basis then all of sudden… boom! You were deprived of one of life’s small pleasures (and a great stress reliever). Before you start going into se xual withdrawals, oh hey, turn to your rebound. Not only will he/she fill that unfortunate sexual void, but hopefully you picked a decent rebound that can give you an orgasm or two to lift your spirits.

3. Who knows, it could turn out serious

Just for the sake of you romantics out there: the best part of a rebound is the hope of finding true love. Post-breakup, you have more clarity on what you want out of potential relationships. You’ve been in a relationship long enough to see the red flags or what makes someone a keeper. So take that past experience and use it to your advantage. Who knows? Your rebound could be that person you have been waiting for all along.

4. It boosts your confidence like crazy

I hate to be cliché but getting back on the horse post-breakup never hurt anyone (I think?). Finding and scoring a rebound is like a high five to yourself. Breakups can knock people down a peg or two — but rebounds are the perfect way to combat those lonely blues. It reminds you that yes, you are fucking awesome and anyone would be lucky to make it with you.

5. Being selfish is allowed

In a relationship, you care and worry about the other person just as much as yourself. It’s like this inventive osmosis where your emotions blend together. Their worries become your worries and if your significant other is having a bad day, guess what? Now you are, too. But in a rebound, you don’t have all those crossed wires and gray boundaries. This “relationship” is simple. Honestly, call a rebound what it is: “I need you when I need you and when I don’t, please leave me alone.” This is the time you can be selfish with your emotions and still have fun getting to know someone. You are getting back on your feet and bringing some excitement back into your life.




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