5 Reasons Why Nigerians Are So Religious


An average Nigerian is a very religious person. It is common place to find most Nigerians spend a productive part of their day in the church or at the mosque. Nigeria as been rated as one of the most religious nations in the world and to think that this very religious nations also ranks as one of the most corrupt in the world leaves any logical mind in confusion. A lot of people (even Nigerians themselves) may have wondered why Nigerians love religion so much! In helping the curious minds,  5 reasons why this is so…

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Religion is an escape: The Nigerian state is structured in a way that it offers no alternatives for its people. With high unemployment rates, improper social amenities, family and societal struggles, the church or mosque becomes an escape for the average Nigerian.

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Motivational institution: Church/religion in Nigeria has become some sort of motivational institutes. Pastors are usually more of motivational speakers thank they are preachers of the good news. Because the state of Nigeria has left many downtrodden, they find succor in the motivational talks even though they know it only edify their body, not their soul.

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Miracles: Nigerians are always in constant search for miracles. With horrible health facilities and high cost of hospital bills and medication, religion have been the last resort. Nigerians will gladly troop to churches and mosques or any other religious outfit that offer miracles to heal their diseases which would have cost a fortune to heal by doctors.

Laziness: People nowadays do not want to work, they just want to go to use religion as a front to make easy cash. For Christians, they would rather fast and pray 7 days of the week than go out and make a living and earn their daily bread.

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Societal pressures: The pressure from the society to be prosperous like our mates, be married at a certain age and so on, has driven many Nigerians to become religious. You see religious leaders promising husband to unmarried ladies or the prospect of finding one in their religious gathering if only you would join and be loyal and committed.

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