5 Ridiculous Igbo Stereotypes Nigerians Must Drop

Nigeria is a melting pot of many cultures and traditions.

The Igbos of Southeastern Nigeria are one of the major tribes in Nigeria. They can be found in most parts of the country as they are astute businessmen and traders.

Although we are all Nigerians, there are certain stereotypes we associate with people from different tribes. Stereotyping a person based on tribe without ever having any dealings with such a person is wrong. We shout racism all the time but we discriminate against our own at home.

Here are some Igbo stereotypes we all as Nigerians need to let go of:

1.   The Igbos love money above anything else

Who doesn’t love money?

If someone “dashed” you N500,000 right now without any conditions, won’t you take the money? Like a holy book said, “Money answereth all things.” Loving money is a universal trait of human beings.

Image: Naij

2.  Marrying an Igbo woman is expensive

Let’s not even get me started on the marriage one. Marrying any girl from any tribe is expensive, not just Igbo girls. Do you know how much pre-wedding photo shoots cost these days? Igbo or not, marrying someone is an expensive undertaking. You need to be financially sound before you embark on the process.

Image: WeddingDigestNaija

3.  All Igbo Women have facial and chest hair

Can we help the way we are made? The answer is No. Many Igbo women do not have facial and chest hairs. Just because you’ve met one or two who do, doesn’t mean all females in the entire tribe do.

Image: MandyGist

4.  All Igbo women are light-skinned

This one is funny. With the recent struggle of many Naija women to lighten up and look like the “Akata” babes, how can you tell which one is Igbo. Although some Igbo women are fair-skinned, many have dark skin.

Image: WeddingDigestNaija

5. Igbo Men are generally Uuneducated and loud

Just because a certain percentage of Igbo men shun education and go into business at an early age doesn’t mean all Igbo men are uneducated.

Former CBN governor, Charles Soludo is an educated Igbo man. Present Ministers of Labour & Petroleum, Chris Ngige and Ibe Kachikwu are educated Igbo men. And the list goes on.

Not everyone will have the opportunity to attend school till university level. Like the bible says, “don’t judge or you shall be judged.”

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source: OmgVoice



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