5 Satisfying Foods For Weight Loss

You have been staying active for long. You have also been following a diet. However, you still have some extra weight.

If this is your situation right now, it means that it’s high time you changed something to speed up your weight loss. There are a few tips that might help you. This article will tell you what foods you should include in your menu. Restricting calories is no option. What you need is the right foods rather than their absence. The foods below are satisfying, full of fiber, minerals, vitamins and nutrients that will keep you full without the risk of gaining pounds. Include the following foods in your diet and enjoy great results!

1. Figs
Figs are healthy and delicious! Eat figs to tame your sweet tooth – eat them as a snack whenever you feel hungry. They do not contain refined sugar, which means that they are far healthier than candy bars or crisps. Besides, they are rich in fiber – the substance found in plants that helps you stay full. One fig is enough to kill your hunger cravings, although one piece contains no more than 40 calories.

2. Eggs
Eggs can be eaten for breakfast. It is great if you like them for lunch or dinner. It takes mere minutes to prepare them. It is quite a versatile food that people cook up in many various forms and dishes. Eggs are very filling because they are full of protein that provides you with energy that lasts for a very long time. If you want to eat fewer calories, start your day with breakfast containing eggs. Eggs suppress your appetite. Thanks to the 9 essential amino acids those who consume eggs for breakfast eat 300 few calories throughout their whole day.

3. Apples
Apples are wonderful. People love them for many reasons. You can add them to salads or eat them raw. There are a lot of interesting recipes of smoothies where the main ingredient is apples. They quench thirst, hydrate your body, refresh and give plenty of healthy carbs. Apples are full of fiber and this is the reason why they are so filling. Eating a processed apple has nothing in common with eating it raw. Opt for fresh apples that haven’t been processed. Buy various kinds of apples, since each variety has its own special properties, fragrance and taste.

4. Potatoes
It has been long been believed that potatoes should not be consumed by people who are trying to lose weight. However, it all depends on how you prepare them. If you boil, grill or bake your potatoes, then potatoes will never ruin your diet. On the contrary, they will provide you with manganese, vitamin C, copper, potassium, vitamin B6, phosphorus and niacin. Finally, just like most vegetables and fruits, potatoes contain nutritious fiber that keeps you satisfied for hours.

5. Beans
Eat beans if you want to have a strong and healthy heart. Not only are beans good for the heart, they can also make your waistline slimmer! Beans absorb liquids in your stomach and preparation. Since beans are rich in starch and fiber, your brain quickly receives the signal that informs it that you are full and need no more food.


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