10 Unbelievable Things Nigerians Don’t Know About The Rest Of The World

Nigerians are a very interesting set of people but many of them are hardened and have become used to a particular way of life. It is rather unfortunate that the economic situation in this part of the world is not booming like the other countries around.
Things Nigerians don't know about the rest of the world

Nigerians have however, been able to adapt to the situation of the country and have been able to create happiness for themselves despite the chaos and unrest in the nation. The country is not only accommodating; people have been able to identify their comfort zones amidst all these. Nigerians do certain things and get away with them. These things have become a norm to them and they are oblivious of its seriousness in other parts of the world, maybe because of their level of exposure. Although Nigerians are quite knowledgeable and are vast in some areas, there are still certain things Nigerians do not know about the rest of the world. Here are 10 things Nigerians seem to be ignorant about other parts of the world. 1. Law actually exists Nigerians travel abroad and misbehave because they feel they can get away with it just like they do in their homeland. Other countries have laws and they abide by them. But Nigerians have this tendency to flout rules especially when they feel the laws are insignificant. 2. Nigerians do not know ‘flashing’ is not allowed In Nigeria, people ‘flash’ by dialing a phone number repeatedly and not allowing the phone to ring out for long before cutting off the line. Outside Nigeria, this is not acceptable. People make sure they have enough units on the phones before making calls. Flashing someone could give them the impression you are in distress and the police could be invited in no time. 3. Metro system is complicated Most Nigerians do not understand the metro system. Many people traveling outside the country for the first time find it difficult to understand the means of transportation there.
Things Nigerians don't know about the rest of the world

While it is easy to pick a bike or cab in Nigeria and get to your destination in no time, it is not as easy outside Nigeria. READ ALSO: 5 reasons men are allowed to cheat while women cannot 4. Use of map for navigation Nigerians do not know how to move around when they travel outside the country. Most of them do not know how to use the map and find a location. In Nigeria, there would always be people on the road waiting to give you description. Outside Nigeria, you are definitely on your own.
things Nigerians don't know about the rest of the world

5. Parties are held in event centres Nigerians are used to holding parties in any part of their communities. It is shocking to discover marquees and canopies set up in the middle of the road all because a party is ongoing. Things like these cannot be done outside the country. The party hosts could be arrested for road obstruction.

Things Nigerians don't know about the rest of the world

6. Everyone learns how to coordinate It is appalling sometimes when people do absurd things on the streets in Nigeria. Nigerians love attention and they do a great job creating it. A man could start to scream on the street for no reason or play music loud enough to deafen the people around without being challenged. But doing this outside Nigeria may possibly land a person in an asylum or get him arrested for being a public menace. 7. Weather and season Most Nigerians are ignorant about the weather conditions outside the country. To them, the season is either rainy (wet) season or dry season. Nigerians most times, end up being shocked at the cold experienced in other parts of the world, even when they had been fore-warned. They still end up being amazed when they see snow for the first time.

Things Nigerians don't know about the rest of the world

8. Power is stable, no need to shout “Up NEPA” Nigerians simply refer to power supply as light. The power supply in most parts of the world is stable and regular when compared to what is obtainable in the country. But since Nigerians are used to the epileptic power supply from their homeland, they marvel at the coordination of the system. Although some technical issues may arise with the power supply in most of other countries abroad, it is often fixed in time and does not give Nigerians the chance to jump and shout “Up NEPA” when the light is restored. 9. Not all ‘Oyinbos’ are the same There is this general misconception about the whites. Nigerians think all white men are the same. This is wrong as they come from different parts of the continent. The same goes for black people; we are able to guess a person’s tribe by looking at them. Some white men are from Asia, some from France, some from England and so on. Nigerians feel the white men are the same judging by their colour. 10. Offering bribe to police officers is a crime Nigerians have a way of getting out of situations. The Nigerian police are used to being tipped off every now and then because it is a norm for them to get settled while on duty. However, it is a serious offence outside Nigeria. It would be added to the list of offences already committed.
source: NAIJA.com


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