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5 Simple Habits That Guarantee Weight Loss

water-for-weight-lossLosing weight can be one of the hardest things to do in life, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have been struggling to lose weight or are intimidated to start, implement these five simple, logical habits that virtually guarantee positive and long lasting result.

These habits take commitment and discipline, but they can actually develop and become part of your life rather quickly.

Water Habit: Drink a glass of water before each of your three daily meals. Besides hydrating, this fills your stomach and reduces your appetite. Remember to drink a big glass of water before every meal, water can fix dehydration problems that most of the people have and it will help you eat less of the meal.

Slow Habit: Keep your fork or spoon down on the table after each bite, which slows down your eating and causes you to enjoy a meal more while making you consume less.

Half Habit: Prepare or order the meal how much you want, but only eat half of it. If you are eating out, share your meal with your friend, or take half of it to home. If you are eating at home, eat exactly half of your normal meal.

Snack Habit: Have fruit or vegetables as snack. Except for your three meals, do not eat anything except fruits or vegetables. Vegetables and fruits will not be attractive snack, in a few days your appetite will adjust from quantity to quality and vegetables and fruit will be better and better snack.

Move Habit: Spend 20 minutes a day in some kind of aerobic exercise that doubles your normal heart rate. Do simple exercises such as a brisk walk, treadmill or a stationary bike every day. Exercising may look hard and even boring sometimes to you, if you do it consecutive every day it will become addictive and your body will value the endorphins it releases. Move for a few minutes every hour in any way you like. Stretch, walk, dance, squat, jump on the spot, it doesn’t matter, just MOVE. Set a reminder on your computer or phone to alert you every hour or so.weight-management-scale

But these habits require commitment and discipline, start a chart where you check off each of the 5 habits each day.

Continue with it until you get to 21 consecutive days for each of these five tips. Eat only when hungry and stop when satisfied, you may need to turn off distractions and just focus solely on the act of eating or drinking.

Listen to your body (particularly your stomach) instead of your brain and your taste buds. Become calorie aware (not obsessive)Which means that you will have to learn to read your food labels, weight management is primarily about calories in verse calories out. Becoming aware of how many calories you are burning compared to how many you are consuming each day will go a long way towards improving your body and your health.

Eat protein with every meal, one handful of protein rich food with each meal would be ideal, protein  keeps one full, builds and maintains the muscles and  also uses up almost 30% of its energy in the digestion process alone.


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