6 Symptoms Men Should NEVER Ignore


1.Pain when urinating: In women, this pain usually signals a urinary infection. In men, it may be a symptom of enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

2. Chest pain: Most people associate chest pain with a heart attack, but it could be caused by a different health condition. It could be pneumonia, asthma or a stomach ulcer. All of these need a doctor’s attention.

3. Constant thirst: An unquenchable thirst can signal diabetes. Other symptoms include frequent urination, extreme hunger, unexplained weight loss or gain, nausea, and blurred vision.

4. Hair loss: This is a common concern of middle-aged men. Men recovering from a major surgery or illness may temporarily lose their hair, as well as men under severe emotional stress. While it is a natural part of aging, hair loss also can also serve as a warning for a more serious men’s health condition, such as an autoimmune disease like lupus, infectious diseases like syphilis, thyroid disease, or ringworm.

5. Dizziness: Can cause you to feel light-headed, become unsteady on your feet, or experience the sensation that the room is spinning around you. Dizziness occurs when there is not enough blood reaching the brain, it can result from a sudden drop in blood pressure or dehydration.

6. Vision problem: Vision naturally deteriorates as one grow older, starting most often in middle age. However, problems like blurry vision, blind spots, halos around lights, and tunnel vision can indicate a serious eye condition.


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