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5 Things Highly Sensitive People Do That Other Won’t Comprehend

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People who tend to be deemed sensitive are the ones who are more in touch with their emotions. They tend to react differently to things and most times they express their emotions differently from us.

They are the ones who cry when watching movies like Titanic or The Notebook. When you say jokes they could take offence to it.

If you fall into this category these are some things you’d do that people won’t understand you do because of your high sensitivity.

1. WHY YOU HATE SPEAKING IN PUBLIC: Because if you see someone in the audience smirking or laughing or someone who looks uninterested, it will ruin your whole speech or presentation because you’ll start sweating, thinking there’s something wrong with you.

2. WHY YOU FIND IT SO EASY TO FORGIVE: Because you also hurt so deeply, the wounds are not easily forgotten or erased and it’s hard for you to forget the heartache or how horrible someone made you feel. You have trouble letting go of the pain someone put you through.

3. WHY SARCASTIC JOKES MIGHT HURT YOU: Mean comments or sarcastic jokes about you will definitely hurt you even if that was not the intention, because you can’t help but think there must be some truth behind it, so you read too much into it.

4. WHY YOU DON’T ALWAYS SLEEP AT NIGHT: You’re probably still upset about what your friend said over dinner or how your boss looked at you today or why your crush was acting different. Your mind is always over thinking things and asking a lot of questions you don’t have the answer to.

5. WHY YOUR MOOD SWINGS A LOT: It’s because probably someone said something and you took it personally or someone said something that reminded you of a past incident that hurt you and you experienced it all over again.



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