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5 Things To Know About Lagos Cable Car Project

In an interview with The Guardian, Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Dayo Mobereola, revealed intricate details of the car project.

“The Lagos cable car project is on course. It is privately driven and the private sector need to get all the permits, on the side of Lagos, we have given them all the necessary permit, they are talking to the federal government to get some level of guarantees and we have assisted them to write to the federal government. They have taken the advantage by starting to build from the Iddo side of Lagos.”

After three years of postponement, work has begun on the $275million cable car project.

Upon completion, the project will have eight stations in three routes, in order to handle the estimated 240,000 trips daily.

1. The car project will begin at Ijora, then move to Apapa and Victoria Island, with a central hub around Adeniji Adele.

2. The Lagos of the future will have cable cars and it will be a reality sooner than you think! With traffic congestion and the bad roads, the cable cars just might be the solution to the crisis in the megacity.

3. The project will cost an estimated $275 million and will be executed by Ropeways Transport and the Cable cars will run from Ijora to Apapa and Victoria Island.

4. The project is expected to be completed by 2017 and I can’t wait to take a ride on it! The cable cars will be powered by the state’s independent power project as well as inverters and turbines so there’s really no risk that Nepa will take light.

5. The cable cars will handle over 200,000 trips per day and there’s little doubt that it is an ingenious solution to the traffic problem in the city of Lagos.


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