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5 Things You Should Never Do At A Wedding As A Guest

Now we know weddings are not for everyone, let’s face it; appearing late to a wedding, hungover and attracting attention on your way in for the wrong reasons doesn’t tell well on you. Weddings are great.

Two individuals come together to celebrate their love in the presence of their loved ones and its all beautiful, warm and happy until someone decides to ruin the day by acting against the implicit wedding attendance rule book. It might play nice in your head but in the end, if you ever find yourself uninvited for most of your friends or colleagues weddings it is because you are not wedding guest material.

1. Stick Your Finger in the Cake

Sticking finger in wedding cake No matter how nice the cake looks try to control your sweet toothy self. Whether your are caught or not, it is bad manners of completely unhygienic.

2. Don’t wear white

Woman attending wedding in white flowing dress Yes that white dress makes you look like a million bucks but do you really wan to steal the show from the bride? Its her day, let her be the center of attention. Don’t appear looking like the bride or better than the bride.

3. Get hammered and start drama

Crazy dancing Keep it classy. Don’t go over your usual drinking limit out of excitement. Worse than that is getting drunk and turning into a complete disaster at the wedding. Stay away from unecessary drama and don’t be the reason people start employing body guards for their special day.

4. Wear something you would wear to Da Club

Woman half naked at a weding Going toa wedding half naked is one of the biggest don’ts in the history of wedding ceremonies. Except you were invited for a stripper gig in which case, you in a nut people’s wedding and you should exit before they ask you to give the officiating minister a lap dance.

5. Ask Dj to change the music

Dj mixing It is just plain rude to ask the DJ to change the music especially when every other person on the dance floor is moving to the tune. Except if you paid for the DJ and even at that, you should let him do his job instead of distracting him. And lastly, do not Bring the bride’s ex as a guest.


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