5 Things About Tayo Faniran Fom Big Brother Africa House

An actor, model and musician, Tayo Faniran became a household name after his stay in the Big Brother Hotshots house.

Today, March 18, is Faniran’s birthday, and we are sharing 5 things we remember from his stay in the BBA 2014 house.

Tayo and Idris arguingTayo and Idris arguing

 Here we go;

1. When Tayo became a father

It was an emotional moment in the house when the Nigerian housemate welcomed his first child. The housemate was informed by Biggie that his partner has delivered a healthy bouncing baby boy. The excited Tayo couldn’t help but get teary over the news.

Tayo was also presented with drinks and cigarettes by biggie to celebrate with his fellow housemates.

Tayo Faniran Tayo Faniran

2. When Tayo got into a fight with Idris

While the housemate didn’t miss an opportunity to bring on drama to the house, we can’t forget his fight with Idris. Tayo got into a fight after he called Idris out for having different women in his arms and claiming them as friends.

Tayo Faniran Tayo Faniran

3. When Tayo offered that emotional apology to his fellow housemates

After an intense fight, Nigerian housemate Tayo offered an emotional apology to the housemates. Faniran called on Samantha to help re-build his image in the house.

Tayo Faniran Tayo Faniran


4. When Tayo and Lilian argued over love and money

You can always trust Nigerians to set the pace. The first fight in the house occurred barely four hours into the show. The heated argument featured Lilian and Tayo arguing over love and money.

Tanzania's Idris beat Nigeria's Tayo to emerge winner of Big Brother Africa 9Tanzania’s Idris beat Nigeria’s Tayo to emerge winner of Big Brother Africa 9

5. When Tayo lost to Idris

Most Nigerians didn’t see it coming, and of course as expected, most Nigerians spoke against the result. On Sunday, December 7, 2014, Tanzania’s representative, Idris beat Nigeria’s Tayo, to win the grand prize of $300 000.

source: Pulse.ng


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