5 Things You Must Have Before You Can Travel To Turkey


Turkey has very rich culture and history. There are a lot of special things in Turkey that you can never find in any other country. Visitors to this wonderful nation have always been made to feel welcomed and treated to some great hospitality. The things about Turkey are of a wide range depending on the traveler’s particular desires.

When you travel to Turkey, you should experience a Turkish bath to relax, walk on a Turkish carpet or Kilim and buy it if possible, take a boat cruise on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, go shopping at the grand Bazaar and bargain for souvenirs, watch a folk and belly dance performance, drink a Turkish tea, and play backgammon at the local tea house…..the activities are endless. At this point, it may interest you to know the things you must have before you can travel to this historic place filled with Greek and Roman ancient ruins.

The categories of Turkish visas are the Tourist visas, Business, and the Study visas. As a Nigerian citizen, if you are willing to visit Turkey, you should apply for a Turkish visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Abuja. You should book an appointment at least 4 weeks to your intended travel date by simply sending an email to visa.turkembabuja@gmail.com, and the subject of the message for the appointment request should be “Appointment Request”. A notification will be sent to you later about the appointment date, and you are expected to bring along the required documents and applicable fees for your interview. More information about Turkish Visa application procedures can be gotten on: turkey.visa.com.ng.


Flying to Turkey is a direct flight from Nigeria. The recommended airline and official flag carrier of Turkey is Turkish airline because it flies directly to its international airport in Istanbul. An exact amount can not be quoted as the air fare is determined by your date of travel. Nevertheless, you can budget a range of about $2457.5 USD and $2969.5 USD, but it all still depends on your date of travel. But for certainty and your interest, you can log on to Turkish airline website on www.turkishairlines.com for a precise air ticket information and bookings.

Turkish Airlines- The Flag Carrier Of Turkey.

Basic Travel Allowance (BTA).
Living in Turkey is not cheap. The minimum wage there is about 895tl a month. Whether you are planning to stay on a short or long period, this information sends a signal that you should budget enough cash for expenses. Things like groceries, transport, eating out, etc, aren’t the only things that are expensive in Turkey, the internet broadband prices are relatively high too. For a trip for one, and a first time traveler to Turkey planning a 2 weeks visit, about 2000tl, aside air fare and hotel accommodation, should be set apart as a Basic Travel Allowance to guarantee a secure and comfortable stay.

Turkish Tea House.

As most visits occur during summer, you should bring cool, comfortable clothing as well as comfortable, sturdy pair of sandals. A hat or visor is also a great idea, Do not wear black, just light colors. Don’t forget sunscreen and water bottle with you everywhere you go. While in Turkey, you just must experience a Turkish bath, so do carry along a swim suit. There are hot springs/terraces in Pammukale, so it would be good to soak in there too. Your first aid box is also important, so also toiletries, medical supplies, and your camera. All these can be gotten in Turkey quite alright, but may be expensive. You can buy and bring them from home, at the same time, minding your luggage limit.

Pocket Guide To Turkey.

Lodging Arrangement
Due to the high cost of living in Turkey, finding an affordable hotel might not be easy. However, a few moderately priced ones like Crown Plaza Hotel, The Marmara, Rixos Downtown …and so on can be a great option. A stay in Rixos Downtown places you in the heart of Antalya, minutes from Antalya Museum , and close to Antalya Acheological Museum. This unique hotel is with close proximity with Glass Pyramid Congress and Exhibition Center and Cam Pyramid. You can also make yourself comfortable in one of the 360 guestrooms featuring minibars, LCD televisions, private furnished balconies, wireless internet access, spa, and all other recreational amenities. Price per night goes as from E194.10 Pounds. More information on Rixos downtown can be seen via its website…downtownantalya.rixos.com.

Hotel Rixos Downtown.

Visiting Turkey can be an interesting experience, but be sure to be on a balanced budget to ensure a hitch-free stay there.


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