5 Types Of Mothers That Are Disgusting

The relationship between a mother and her son is so strong. Men always talk about their mothers with such pride and love even after having their own families. Some even wish their wives and daughters end up with their mothers’ characteristics. Despite all these, there are five types of mothers that majority of men don’t share the same feelings with… be it their biological mothers or mother-in-laws.

1.) Over bearing mothers

These are the type of mothers who love to intervene in their son’s decision-making process and their lifestyle. These women want to know who he is dating or how his marriage is going. If there’s a problem, she should be the first to know.  Some of them also don’t fail to remind their sons how they got their riches – through her! These moms want the best for their sons but they simply don’t know how to express it properly.

2.) Flirty mothers

These are the types who don’t have a problem flirting and dating their son’s friends. These mothers also have multiple sex partners and sometimes bring these partners into their homes where their children are. This group also contains those mothers who prostitute all in the name of giving their children a “better life”. A female child might understand why her mom did or does these but men do feel bitter and ashamed.

3.) Mothers who bleach their skin

Ever heard of “Iya rainbow” (Mother of rainbows)? Well, this is the name given to that woman in the compound who’s bleaching has given her different body shades. Most men are not proud of women who change their skin color to the extent they look like a “coat of many colors”. They are embarrassed with the situation. So mothers, love your skin just the way it is.

4.) Drunks

Nobody, whether a daughter or son, is ever proud to have a drunk for a mother. I recall a woman in our neighborhood who used to get so drunk the previous night and is picked by the side of the road every morning because she couldn’t make it home. Children get disgusted and sometimes withdraw from such a parent.

5.) Irresponsible mothers

Most men I talked to expressed a huge taste of disgust with mothers who throw away their infant children just because they couldn’t take care of them at the time. Some mothers give these kids for adoption while others exchange their kids for the good life. Some women intentionally give out their daughters to men for sex to get paid. Some offer theirs as slaves to rich men. Who wouldn’t hate these!?

In all, mothers are supposed to be loved and respected in the community. They are expected to be role models for younger women and most men think women who fall under the above categories are simply irresponsible, greedy and lack the fear of God and humanity.

Source: Pulse.ng


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