List of dates of statehood in Nigeria


The following table presents a listing of Nigeria’s states and the dates of their creation.

StateDate CreatedPreceding Entity
Abia State27 August 1991Imo State
Adamawa State27 August 1991Gongola State
Akwa Ibom State23 September 1987Cross River State
Anambra State27 August 1991(old) Anambra State
Bauchi State3 February 1976North-Eastern State
Bayelsa State1 October 1996Rivers State
Benue State3 February 1976Benue-Plateau State
Borno State3 February 1976North-Eastern State
Cross River State27 May 1967Eastern Region; known as South-Eastern State from 1967 to 1976.
Delta State27 August 1991Bendel State
Ebonyi State1 October 1996Enugu State and Abia State
Edo State27 August 1991Bendel State
Ekiti State1 October 1996Ondo State
Enugu State27 August 1991(old) Anambra State
Gombe State1 October 1996Bauchi State
Imo State3 February 1976East Central State
Jigawa State27 August 1991Kano State
Kaduna State27 May 1967Northern Region; known as North-Central State from 1967 to 1976.
Kano State27 May 1967Northern Region
Katsina State23 September 1987Kaduna State
Kebbi State27 August 1991Sokoto State
Kogi State27 August 1991Kwara State; Benue State
Kwara State27 May 1967Northern Region; known as West Central State from 1967 to 1976.
Lagos State27 May 1967Federal Territory of Lagos and Colony Province
Nasarawa State1 October 1996Plateau State
Niger State3 February 1976North-Western State
Ogun State3 February 1976Western State
Ondo State3 February 1976Western State
Osun State27 August 1991Oyo State
Oyo State3 February 1976Western State
Plateau State3 February 1976Benue-Plateau State
Rivers State27 May 1967Eastern Region
Sokoto State3 February 1976North-Western State
Taraba State27 August 1991Gongola State
Yobe State27 August 1991Borno State
Zamfara State1 October 1996Sokoto State
Abuja Federal Capital Territory3 February 1976Benue-Plateau, North-Central, and North-Western States



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