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6 Essential IT Skills That Job Seeker Must Possess In Nigeria

Information Technology (IT) has become a major driver in virtually all sector of the economy. Therefore, an individual who is seeking employment in this technology driven society must possess some essential IT skills. It is not just enough to know the basic principles of operating a computer, there are quite a number of other IT features that get used daily in the day to day running of organizations.

Here are 6 IT skills you must have if you want to have a cutting edge in Nigeria’s employment market. Most of them are soft skills, they will not just help you to get the job but also aid your performance on the job.

1. Email Handling Skills

Most of the internal communication done in corporate organizations are done through email. Most people have email addresses but don’t really know how to use them for official purposes. Therefore, a job seeker must learn email etiquettes in order to be able to use email effectively.

2. Social Media Skills

Social media presence gives you the advantage to get jobs, change jobs and rise in your career steadily without much hitch. There are, however, rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to get the best out of them. Doing the right things with the social media can help you get jobs and connections and also give you a better posture online. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ are good professional platforms you can use. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on can also be used to this advantage.

3. Web Search Skills

Searching the web is not just about using Google. You must possess a high sense of judgment to be able to identify credible information online. The truth is; the internet is not so regulated and anyone can just post anything. You must, therefore, be able to identify credible sources of information in your career field. Take online job sites for example; not all online job sites are real. One must be inquisitive to follow through and verify all sources.

4. Multimedia Presentation Skills

Multimedia or Powerpoint presentation skills are essential. Most companies demand reports from their employees from time to time. These reports are not just required in word format but in presentation format as well. You may be asked to come and present a report to the board in a conference room and this will require itemizing your points in bullets and using pictorial descriptions where necessary. You may need to consult Slideshare and other presentation sites online to see different presentation styles.

5. Data Management Skills

When you begin to use the computer for IT related works, the tendency to generate a lot of data is high and managing such data is a challenge for many people. You must seek to know how to manage the data you generate very well. This is also the era of cloud computing where you can store your data safely in online cloud storage centers. Examples are Google Drive, Drop box etc.

6. Mobile Computing

Mobile phones in the form of smartphones are now being configured a lot more to work like computers. So the need to be more conversant with the way to mobile-compute is necessary. There are many apps that have been developed to aid your day to day work activities. You must, therefore, be conversant with the apps and use them to your advantage.

Most of the skills mentioned above and many others are not hard to come by, you can learn them freely on the internet. You can also ask a friend who you know is more proficient in them to put you through. The world is moving fast technologically and you must be up to date on new developments.

Source: nigerianbulletin.com


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