6 Funny Pictures That Portray Recession

Since it has been announced by the government that the country is in recession, Nigerians have found various ways to cope with failing economy. Many have opted for cheaper means to feed and reasonable ways to manage their resources. The minister of finance has said “recession” is just a word but that seems not to be the case for many Nigerians. Recession in Nigeria has taken its toll on a number of things and trust Nigerians to show their sense of humour even in the serious situation. In these times, people are managing their resources. While some people are lamenting others are trying to survive and the pictures of their effort is extremely funny.

Check out the hilarious photos below

1. Wise is he who can mange  


2. Gala has finally felt the change

recession 3

3. Serve your fatherland even in recession


recession 2


4. Obasonjo might be feeling it too


recession 4


5. This man striped naked for #10,000. Man must chop

recession 6


6. The effects of recession is real

recession 5




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