5 Habit That Could Cost You Your Respect At Work


1. Complaining

It’s good to have an office environment where expressing your dissatisfaction is welcome and encouraged. But some people complain about nearly everything without sincere justification.

Don’t let a poor attitude or even a bad day keep you from advancement and likable. Pick your battles and be a fixer, or find a constructive way to vent.

2. Oversharing

Your weekend party selfies and detailed dating antics may seem harmless and fascinating … to you. But too much sharing of details and events may give people the impression you are narcissistic and overly in need of attention.

3. Being late

Whether you are late to work, late to meetings, or late with deadlines, people tire of always having to wait for someone to show up. It’s make you appear selfish, unorganized, and disrespectful of other’s time. There are plenty of tools to help you keep track of appointments. Make the effort or no one will trust you.

4. Dressing too casual

It’s great that many offices don’t require suit and tie anymore, but sweatpants and pajamas takes things a little far even for casual Friday. It’s always better to dress at least one level better than is required. You will feel more professional and people will admire you for your fashion sense.

5. Blaming others

People appreciate and respect others who can take responsibility for their own actions and experience. Throwing others under the bus makes you look irresponsible and petty. Leadership opportunities go to those who are accountable and can elevate others rather than tearing them down.


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