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6 Important Things Every Working Class Man Must Have

Mold for men nowadays is about class. Whether tense, beautiful, preppy, or straightforward, it is for the most part about making that atmosphere of style, class and manliness. So remembering this, there are a few things that every working class man ought to have in his storage room.

A suit: This goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. Guys must invest in at least two sets of suits. Suits are the uniform of the working man and therefore, utmost care and effort when selecting and wearing them. The number one rule of suits is the right quality and the right fit.

Grooming kit: A grooming kit ranges from your shaving kit to your hair clippers. Working class men always strive to look good because most times as it turns out, appearance is a key dynamic in the workplace. You won’t always be able to stop by the salon or barbershop, so investing in a home kit is probably the best thing you could do for yourself.

A classy watch: Dealing with accessories often proves to be much more tasking than anyone believes they could be at first. But that’s precisely why it so important because when done right it has the ability to change your overall look in an instant. Whether it’s a classic leather strap or a shiny, metallic band, statement watches are definitely essential.

A classic polo shirt: Polo shirts never go out of style even though they aren’t seen as the most fashion forward choice in this modern age. This is because of their versatility. More often than not working men have the chance to dress down every now and then and the polo shirt is just the perfect item to achieve this.

Colognes: You have to smell good as a man. In fact, men need colognes more than women do which is the reason why male perfumes are always stronger so they can last longer. The masculine scent just always does the trick, its a confidence booster.

Black Shoes: A good pair will match most suits (except brown) and you can’t go wrong with a lace up look. Take the plunge and invest in a pair of quality shoes with fine leather and stitching from a reputable brand.


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