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6 Male Accessories That Will Spice Up A Boring Suit

1. A Hat

This is the ultimate style item. It could be a Fedora or a bowler hat but it is sure to make you stand out.Steve-OnojaDumbo_72

2. A Colorful Pocket Square:

Nowadays its doesn’t even have to be an actual pocket square. You can borrow a scarf from your wife or sister to give that suit a pop of colour.

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3. Sunglasses:

These add a certain sort of mystery to a man, especially dark sunglasses. They are a very easy way to look sophisticated.


4. A scarf:

Now this is not for the faint-hearted at Fashion. A scarf will definitely get everyone asking ‘ who’s that guy??’

unnamed (10)

5. The Bracelet/wristwatch combo:

Add a leather bracelet to the wrist with your watch for that next level cool. (Hint* ladies love leather bracelets)

images (29)

6. The Lapel pin:

The more intersting the better when it comes to this accessory because it shows just how stylish you are. We are done with the era of the general rose lapel pin, lets the metallic-something eye-catching.



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