6 Reasons Why Nigerian Ladies Go Into Prostitution

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Prostitution has been labelled as one of the “oldest professions” in the world due to its ability to have spanned centuries and various generations.

Curiously, though labelled as a profession it literally does not need any form of skills or capital to start with. All it usually takes is a decision and determination to engage in it, and perhaps an introduction to a group of prostitutes.

So why do women go into prostitution? Last week we presented to you the reasons why men keep patronizing prostitutes and today, we present the top reasons women go into prostitution.

1. Poverty

The adage the devil finds work for the poor clearly shows this. Poverty is the reason about 99% of prostitutes would give as what drove them into the profession.

Young ladies whose parents are incapable of taking care of them and their siblings, tend to go into prostitution so as to make ends meet and take care of their families.

2. Lack of other skills

Prostitution, though referred to a profession does not require any particular set of skills and makes it the easiest resort for women who have no other employable skills.

3. Laziness

Some ladies are naturally lazy and expect a man to cater for every of their needs. They want to live the high life, buy high-end clothes, travel around the world and live life to a hilt but they are not willing to work hard for the lifestyle.

4. Victimized and sexually abused women

Some of the commercial sex workers we have in today are victims of sex slavery, rape, child labour and trafficking. Those who are sexually abused or raped when they are young see nothing great, divine or important about sex.

5. Loneliness, heartbreak and dejection from rejection

Most women believe that they must appeal to men, and when a man rejects them, prove she is wanted by men, decides to go into prostitution. Believe it or not, a lady who is heartbroken may be tempted to take vengeance on men by becoming a prostitute.


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