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6 Things Ladies Wear That Most Men Hate

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Men are aware of what you are wearing than you think.Contrary to popular belief, guys actually do notice what you’re wearing. In fact, some fashion statements will even deter them from asking you out. You are your own woman and don’t need a guy with no fashion sense telling you what to wear.

You’ve probably rehearsed the “I dress for me, not for men” speech so many times its become almost an automatic reflex any occasion a guy has the audacity to tell you they don’t like a particular cloth. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Your choice of fashion is about a lot more than just impressing guy. But there are some things probably already in your wardrobe rotation that men almost universally hate.

So if you’re getting dressed with the intention of impressing a certain someone of the opposite sex, these are some articles of clothing you might want to avoid Below are some of the things women wear that men hate

1. Sky high heels

You may think looking like a giraffe is sexy, but all that’s doing is rubbing it in. And you wonder why guys don’t approach you at the club. Wearing heels that you can’t walk in is a deal breaker. Guys not taking you out for play-pretend model time,  you will be expected to be able to walk from the table to the door without a guide rail,maybe it’s time to rethink this fashion trend. A lot of guys love short girls anyway.


2. Freakishly long fake nails

9/10 times guys don’t even notice your nails, unless they’re long, brightly covered, & frighteningly sharp. So when guys see long fake nails they get the wrong impression like you’re a prostitute. I presume you don’t want to be associated with that. Most guys tend to prefer a more natural look and if you can’t do without fake nails fix your fake nails in moderacy.


3. Tube tops that don’t fit

Small-chested women can get away with tube tops, but large-chested women spend the entire night lifting up the tube top. It’s not flattering at all. Ladies there are other amazing tops you can opt for that aren’t tubes.


4. Baggy trousers

Ladies try not to wear baggy pants out of the house, it’s a big NO for guys.


5. See through outfits that show off you panties

Guys to do not want to see undies through your cloths, it’s a turnoff. There is a way to do this tastefully, like a sneak peak, but once it’s all up and out there it’s not sexy anymore.


6. Skimpy outfits

Obviously a girl needs to dress up for a date to spark some allure, but it’s frustrating to go out with someone who draws the attention of everyone in the bar in a skimpy outfit. I’m not saying cover your wrists and ankles, but it’s a date not a club.



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