5 Common Things That Are Peculiar To An Only Child


1.Attention: Growing up never having to fight for attention, and getting a little too much of it over the years, makes it almost impossible to adjust when you become an adult and people don’t make you their center of attention maybe that is why people often refer to them as spoiled brats.

2. Over-protective parents: People who have more than one child could afford to let them wander in the street hawking pure water or playing football, ten streets away. But, an only child is watched daily by their parents. They can not afford stories that touch, so they very well protect you even when you feel its unnecessary.

3. Numerous calls from parents: Especially mom. Moms naturally could call for Africa but when you are an only child, that 7 times the number for people with multiple siblings. As soon as you step away from home, its like your parents’ only job is to trail you. You mom calls you when it has rained, when NEPA takes light, when some strange number flashes her and the list goes on.

4.No one else to take the hit: Unlike a situation where your parents have to probe other sibling to know who spoiled the TV cord, it is too easy to fish you out because you are an only child.

5. Everyone thinks you are spoiled: It is almost like growing up with your grandparents because people just naturally assume that you are one hell of a spoiled brat.



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