6 Ways To Get Your Man Back

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Are you there watching ‘The Notebook’ over and over again, scouring the internet for ways to get him back.

Dear reader, it’s the time to stop moping. Or regretting your life. The gods have not forsaken you. Lol.

You can win that man back, though, and yours truly shares with you exactly how.

1. Give Him Some Space (You Need This)

A post break up haze can drown all reasonability; a voice in your head telling you to text your boyfriend around 3 am in the morning because you miss him and because you think that is how to win him back. Ignore that voice, it’s the devil. That voice is the beaten down and broken hearted part of you that simply isn’t capable of any rational thinking. And if you truly want to win your ex-boyfriend back, you have to drown out that voice. You have to get your head back on a straight face if you want to get your man back.

2. Relax and Live

So what are you supposed to do during the weeks that contact is off limits? Love your life! Don’t hole up at home feeling sorry for yourself! Word spreads quickly and if you turn yourself into a hermit post break, word would get to him about what a recluse you have become.

And he would assume it is because you are so broken hearted about the break up that you can’t get yourself out of bed. You don’t want him thinking that, even if it is true.

3. Put Yourself First

Yes, there are always winners and losers in a break up. Do you know how you win? By radiating awesomeness! There’s no better feeling than running into your ex when you are on top of your game! Start chasing those dreams you pushed aside lately. Get yourself back in shape! Take care of you and focus on getting yourself back in shape!

4. Run Into Him Like A Boss

Do a bit of recon and find out where he usually likes to hang out. Look good, smell nice, then WHAM!

You have to be careful, though. Don’t just show up at his doorstep or start stalking him to work! Make sure it seems completely coincidental! Knowing how to win a guy back involves the ability to be covert! Then you can take it slow and establish a fresh connection with your ex through text messaging.

5. Keep Your First Date Casual

No matter how great it is to see him, you want to keep a cool head and avoid “begging” for a second chance. Don’t stay more than thirty minutes. Find an excuse to leave earlier than he expects. Then wait. In a few days, he would reach you.

If he doesn’t shoot him a simple text after like a week and tell him how it was nice seeing him, and that you’re sorry something came up, but you could meet for drinks another time.

His curiosity would prevent him from rejecting and that one on one time is your opportunity to further show him how well you are doing. No matter what; don’t chase, don’t beg, and don’t elude to a yearning for the past.

6. Like Old Times, Let Him Chase You

That’s the thing about we men; we don’t like to feel like we are so easy to get over. Use that to your advantage! If you sit across the table from him, with nothing but the friendliest intentions, he would feel suddenly driven to get you back.

Flirt, smile and welcome his advances. Just don’t give into them too easily. Trust me, he would push. Because you’ve shown him how good a catch he let go of.

Of course, sometimes men need a little convincing to realise what they had. If he is not crawling at your feet just yet, relax and just keep doing your thing. He’s probably just a little slow to realise what he has.

And you are awesome the way you are.


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