Here Are 6 Ways To Stay Energized Through The Day

office exercise

Do you find yourself drinking several cups of coffee, a whole pot of tea and maybe even a can of energy drink to stay awake during the day? Stop it right now! It is very hazardous to your health and physique.

Here are 6 easy tips to get through your day.

1. Eat breakfast


You might say you’re not a breakfast person, but you need to be. The reason it’s called breakfast is because it’s the first meal you’ll be having when you wake up in the morning.

Food is fuel for the body. Fuel yourself with a quick breakfast of lean protein and healthy fat.

2. Take breaks


Does your job require you to sit at a desk? If yes, then you need to get away from your desk every now and again. Take a 10 minutes break away from your desk after every 90 minutes and refresh your mind.

3. Go outdoors

Do some reading outdoors or just soak in some beautiful sunshine. Be sure to slap on some sunscreen.

If you find yourself sitting indoors the whole day, step outside and grab some vitamin D from the sun. According to research, fair amounts of vitamin D has an impact on maintaining energy levels.

4. Exercise

It’s time you get into deskercise! You can do some exercise without you leaving your desk.

Stretch at your desk. Stretching helps increase flexibility and blood circulation. Take the stairs rather than the lift. Try doing desk pushups: place your hands on your desk, walk backwards and push up against the desk.

5. Snack


Healthy snacking through the day is good for you. Grab a handful of nuts or raisins to help boost your blood sugar levels.

6. Take a power nap at your desk.

A power nap can get your brain effective again. A quick 10-minutes shut eye can get you sprung up again.


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