6 Ways To Attract Employers Through Your Social Media Accounts


Most job seekers are not aware that employers now take proactive steps at getting the best candidates to fill positions. One of the ways they do this is by painstakingly searching over the social media. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms are now employment links than just avenues for social fun-fare.

With that in mind, a smart job seeker will, therefore, consider how to be easily noticed for a possible employment through the social media. Here are six ways you can strategically position yourself for employment on the social media.

1. Develop a professional Social Media profile

One of the first rules that anyone must abide by as far as using the Social Media and the internet generally is concerned is to have a professional posture and outlook. Let your personal profile look more professional than social. Let it reflect your passion, skills, experiences and outstanding qualities.

Another thing you need to note is that though the platform is social, yet it is a media, and there are rules of engagement that guides its usage. Therefore, anyone using it must bear in mind that anything you post must represent what and how you want to be seen, perceived and approached. Anything that goes on the internet can either make or mar your chances of getting desired jobs.

2. Leverage on your network

It is not enough to have presence on the social media platforms, but you must find ways to leverage on the networks you have. It is not the computer that gets you the job, it is the people. So you must constantly post information that relate to your areas of interest and profession. Make contributions on discussion forums. It is by so doing that the right people may possibly notice you and what you are capable of doing and then connect you to the right opportunities.

3. Be familiar with trends

Apart from the very well-known social media platforms like the Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and rest of them, there are several others that offer job opening information. And with just your phone and in a few minutes, you can apply for jobs. So you should be on the lookout. Ask your friends and you can get enough information on such platforms. There are mobile apps that you can download on your phone for this purpose.

4. Build your influence

Sure you must have a professional posture in terms of what you are competent at doing. Still, in the 21st century, employers are looking for something more. They don’t only want competent employees, they want versatile ones. So show off your other skills. Show your soft skills, leadership skills, team skills and so on. Show projects and assignments you have done. If a prospective employer sees these skills in you, that will stand you in a better position to get the job faster than someone who only possesses the primary skill for a job position.

5. Be creative with Social Media

More and more employers are beginning to accept a professional profile in the place of the regular resume. Some people go as far as creating their own blogs and promote it to ask to be hired. You could go on slideshare.net or even do a short profile video of yourself and share online. This will give you a better chance since not many people take the time to do such. Going to such extent shows you off as not being a common and regular person, but as unique and special.

6. Advertise yourself

There is a popular saying that you don’t blow your own trumpet, but in the world we live in today, where there is so much competition for few opportunities, it has become absolutely imperative that you find creative ways of blowing your own trumpet and do so loudly enough so that the people whose attention you want to get can notice you. Most of the social media platforms have Ad pages that you can pay for and target specific audiences. You could even use Google Adsense if you’re really targeting a big job.

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