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7 Common Habits You Should Stop Immediately

There are habits a lot of people have that are plain disgusting especially in full galore of other people.

Most times, there are things (habits) peculiar to people who should be left in individual spaces or practised behind closed doors and not be done where people are always present as they can feel (and most likely) extremely gross.

Check out a list of lifestyle habits that are plain disgusting and at the very best not make way to the full glare of others:

1. Picking the nose in public!

Picking the nose at all is gross but picking it in public is worse. A habit like that should be left in the bathroom (where tissue should actually be used instead of digging in with the fingers!) and not where people are, it’s not fair for anyone to watch someone else picking their nose right in front of them.

Picking NosePicking nose in full glare is a disgusting habit

2. Tugging at panty lines in full glare

Tugging/adjusting underwears in full glare of others is plain undisciplined, if an undergarment is out-of-place find a way to adjust it in private (discreetly). Spare people the horror of watching you tug at your privates/undergarments.

 3. Removing food particles from mouth with your finger(s)

This is so common and doesn’t take away that fact that it’s plain disgusting! Picking food from your teeth/mouth in people’s full glare is just a NO NO. If there’s no other option available immediately, drink water and discreetly ‘rinse’ the mouth with it (DISCREETLY) otherwise get a proper floss and clean teeth in private.

Using floss

Don’t remove food from teeth/floss in public

4. Not brushing the teeth daily 

Not brushing the teeth daily is a bad habit that is not healthy and can cause breath to stink and frankly bad  breath is just not alright.

5. Touching/picking at spots on your face

Touching the face exposes the face to germs, causes breakouts, acne/pimples and more and frankly why touch the face when not getting a massage or applying makeup. Picking at existing blemishes; acne pimples etc is equally a bad idea. Let the face be!

6. Talking with food in the mouth

Talking while eating is obviously bad and apart from that is plain disgusting, no one wants to see ground food mixed in saliva making their way down the stomach in someone’s mouth.

Screaming in a phone

Screaming into the phone is a bad habit

 7. Talking loudly on the phone

Speaking  loudly into the phone is a bad habit that’s VERY common, once the phone is placed correctly, the other party can hear so there’s no need to scream down the line disturbing the peace of other people around.


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