7 Common Myths Nigerians Need To Debunk Immediately

Our parents always using canes to flog us when we are wrong indirectly tells us the best way to correct a child is through flogging and that’s why even though we all hated being flogged as kids we still end up flogging our kids. As Nigerian youths we need to debunk a lot of stupid stereotypes that fly around and believe it or not our parents (and culture alongside  society) are the one who unknowingly teach us these stereotypes. Your mother always telling your sister to cook and never sending you to cook is indirectly telling you that only women belong in the kitchen.

Here are the 7 most common myths ALL Nigerians believe and it needs to be stopped so we do not infect the next generation with these stupid beliefs


1. WOMEN BELONG IN THE KITCHEN: Almost everyone shares this ideology and I won’t blame them because the society and even our mothers have indirectly taught us that. When  a man or a boy is in the kitchen the mother sends him away and says stuff like ‘you don’t belong here’ so he grows up believing the kitchen is the woman’s place. Sadly our president also believes so too.


2. EDO GIRLS ARE WITCHES: We’ve all heard that the Nigerian state with the most population of witches are in Edo state. Nobody knows who did census to find that out and no one knows who started the rumor but nowadays when Edo girl is mentioned the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Witchcraft. Please how many witches do you  know? or are you saying Yoruba and Igbo girls don’t have witches too?


3. CALABAR GIRLS LOVE SEX: I can understand why people would have this belief. In the past female circumcision was a norm in cross rivers state, while an uncircumcised girl would be ok with 1-3 rounds of sex n circumcised girl would need 4-5 rounds to satisfy her. Then NYSC corpers went to Calabar and sampled their girls and saw that the girls insisted on more rounds of sex and they were the ones who spread the story around Nigeria. Now that female cirucumcision is profusely dying down that believe which was once true isn’t true anymore.


4. PRIVATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AREN’T AS GOOD AS FEDERAL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: This belief is somewhat wrong. The proper term should be  “Most private university students aren’t as good as federal university students”. No need to explain further because numbers don’t lie. Google top 20 Universities in Nigeria and you wont see more than 3 private universities. Numbers don’t lie


5. GUYS WHO DON’T WATCH FOOTBALL ARE SOFT AND FEMININE: This reason is literally the reason I wrote this article. I just used the 6 other reasons to distract you people. The moment a Nigerian guy says he doesn’t watch football people start to look at him funny as if he said he has AIDS or a viral disease. In Nigeria the most manly sport is football because it’s the most played and most watched so someone who doesn’t follow the norm (which is football) is assumed to be soft? That ideology is very wrong. If a white person or a foreigner said such he won’t be looked at funny but the moment a Nigerian man says so he’s likened to be a woman. Unlearn that ideology please.


6. POLICE MEN ARE THIEVES: Police men ARE NOT THIEVES. Because some bad yolks amongst them tainted the force and did some nasty things doesn’t make the whole police force corrupt and synonymous to thieves. Also saying that soldiers are violent to civilians is also wrong. Because a handful of them beat up civilian doesn’t make the whole force a violent bunch. Stop generalizing a whole class of people because of a minority, which brings me to my next point


7. HAUSA PEOPLE ARE VIOLENT: Before boko haram sect and the crisis that happened in the north no  one every likened a Hausa man with violence. The funny part  is that Yoruba’s and Igbo’s have had more civil wars than the Hausa’s but CNN and other news outlets didn’t carry it so we don’t know the details. This stereotype also needs to be debunked. Hausa people are very peaceful people, just that sometimes some religious extremists let religion cloud their judgement and they do nasty stuff.


Bonus.. YORUBA GUYS ARE NOT DEMONS: I’m tired of constantly debunking this lie so much that i literally don’t have the energy to explain again. All i have to say is that Yoruba guys aren’t demons

SOURCE: Green news


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