7 Funny Divorce Cakes That Would Daze You

A divorce party also known as a divorce ceremony is a way to have a ceremony that celebrates the end of a marriage. In 2015, social media was flooded with cheerful exes sharing ‘divorce selfies‘ outside court houses and hosting parties to celebrate the end of their marriage. Now, the bizarrely optimistic breakup attitude is continuing with ‘divorce cakes’ becoming more popular than ever.

Over the past year, hundreds of satisfied and often spiteful men and women from around the world have taken to Instagram to proudly share snaps of cakes made to celebrate the end of a marriage. Some frightening cakes are topped with violent, bitter brides and grooms others are iced with inspiring  and jovial messages celebrating freedom.

1. Straight to the point


2. It speaks for itself.


3. If your love is completely dead, maybe it’s time you hold a funeral for it.


4. Graphic enough


5. Well that’s one way of making amends.


6. Draw!


7. She doesn’t look sorry at all.



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