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7 Glowing Brands Of Lipstick You Should Use(Pictures)


Lipsticks got a major ‘makeover’ this year with a lot getting rave reviews for pigmentation and long lasting features.

Lipsticks as part of beauty/makeup products have become the go to product to finish off any makeup look just perfect; that signature that seals a makeup look.

This beauty product is a must to seal off any desired makeover as it helps set a ‘tone’ for the whole look. For instance some ladies would prefer to pair nude lips with smokey eye and so on, at the end of the day the lipstick gives the whole look a desired definition.

1. Maybelline

Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Megawatt lipsticks

Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Megawatt lipsticks

Maybelline is a drugstore makeup brand that carries a line of great lipsticks in varying colours and types. The revered makeup brand offers a wide range of lipsticks from creamy to matte, shiny and more in pigmented and impressive hues and types. There are varieties when it comes to choosing Maybelline lipsticks and are usually great value for money.

2. Milani

Milani Colour Statement Lipsticks

Milani Colour Statement Lipsticks

Milani is a great product brand that’s becoming increasingly popular because of the great products they carry particularly their lipsticks that come in different types.

Milani has a range of lipsticks that works for different looks everyday wear as well as occasions. The brand carries matte (not drying- their matte line is a must have in different shades), creamy rich, glossy and more that come very affordable.

3. Avon

Avon 3D lipsticks

Avon 3D lipsticks

Avon isn’t necessarily an all time go to makeup brand but the skincare and beauty brand have a wide range of lipsticks that work perfect to achieve different looks.

Their lipsticks come in brilliant colours and features glossy, shiny, matte and more finishes that are pocket friendly.

4. Zaron Cosmetics

Zaron Matte Lipstick

Zaron Matte Lipsticks

Zaron Cosmetics have become a favourite with their new collection of lipsticks that are just brilliant. Long lasting, versatile, pigmented and more are obvious characteristics of the brand’s lipstick line.

The brand has a brilliant bestselling stick lipstick/liner in one that’s just perfect for the makeup lover.

5. Taos Cosmetics

Taos Cosmetics Liquid Velvetines

Taos Cosmetics Liquid Velvetines

Taos Cosmetics rebranded sometime this year and rolled out pigmented and long lasting colours in various finish; matte, creamy and more. The ‘liquid velvetines’ are substitute for lipsticks anyday. The lip line have a certain colour rich theme to all the products.

6. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks

MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks

7. Clinique

Clinique Colour Pop Lipsticks

Clinique Colour Pop Lipsticks

Clinique is yet another brand that carries picture perfect lipstick shades and types. In 2016 the brand’s lipstick line launched in Nigeria sometime last year has become a favourite of beauty enthusiasts.

Which of the lipstick brands will you be snagging up soon?

MAC Cosmetics is a cult makeup look that carries the most desired line of lipsticks from bold vibrant colours to rich nude tones and in between, the revered brand though not as cheap as others listed above are reasonably priced for their lipstick types.


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