7 Highly Attractive Habits That Have Nothing To Do With Appearance

Our looks are more than just a our physical expressions. A person can have the most beautiful of features, but their personality is so selfish or greedy or cruel or whatever negativity that person carries with them paints their features.

You too, project your inner self with your thoughts and intentions. Below we’ve gathered some ways to project all the unique inner beauty you have stored away!


It’s the most universally acknowledged and shared turn on. Doesn’t matter your sex, culture, age or race, confidence is a must and the best plus. We want a confident partner because we want to be with a strong and capable person. It’s OK if you aren’t the most confident person ever, it’s important that you be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. The advice on confidence is fake it till you make it. This is good advice but don’t try to hard to be something you’re not. Be careful to not be full of yourself or shit either.

Sexual Sincerity And Openness

When we are with someone sexually: nude, exposed, expressing ourselves on so many levels, it’s important to keep it simple and honest. Be yourself, prepared to accept and love your partner. If you two don’t express yourselves, what you want, what you fear, what you enjoy, the development of you and your relationship will be slow and painstaking. Let it be a freeing, compassionate, and revealing expression between the two of you.


Laughter is an essential part of life. Cultivate it, share it, enjoy it, and seek it. Life is infinite and amazing. We need to be reminded to loosen up and enjoy what we can. With humor we can face normally painful or difficult parts of life or yourself. We can brighten a bleak attitude or stack joy on someone’s happiness. This trait is one of the top three that I really value in my partner.


What is life without passion? I hope to never personally know! Sometimes we feel lackluster or severely energetic. Being passionate doesn’t mean that you go ham or full throttle 24/7, it means you care. You care deeply for the other person and your relationship. You are willing to do whatever is necessary to be happy and bring happiness to those you love and respect.

Be Decisive

You don’t have to have all the answers, but your answers are never as awful as ‘I don’t know’ or ‘Whatever you want to’. If asked a question don’t deflect it. If you can’t answer it directly or specifically, then explain what’s going on.


Once you really start comfortably expressing a majority of these traits this one will come naturally. It’s important that you feel comfortable in your skin and voice. You won’t have ‘your’ look picked out on the first day, it’s a constantly evolving image.

Accept Your Partner’s Friends, Or At Least Make The Sincere Effort

Don’t try to force a friendship between you and your partner’s friends. Don’t disrespect or pander to them. Continue to be yourself and support your partner. The focus is always making sure the two of you feel supported by each other.


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