7 lessons every woman should learn from the Tiwa Savage & Teeblizz saga

By Roseline Udoh

Here are the 7 lessons every woman should learn from the Tiwa Savage and Teeblizz saga:

1. Do not tie your destiny to a lazy man or a man that has no vision in life. If not, you will end up being his meal ticket all through life.
2. If he cheated on another woman with you, he will certainly cheat on you too with another woman. If he could walk out on his children to be with you, he can most certainly walk out on you and your kids too.
3. A man that never accepts responsibilities for any of his actions is a man to be wary of. Every other person but himself is responsible for all his failures in life.
4. Check family history. Whether we admit it or not, a man is a product of the family he comes from. If his father was a wife beater or had kids from several women, he is more likely to follow in his father’s footsteps than not. It takes discipline and the grace of God to change that.
5. If he hit you once, he will almost certainly hit you again.
6. After all said and done, it is better to be alone and happy than to be in a toxic relationship.
7. The grass is not always greener on the other side. That couple you envy and think have the perfect relationship also have their challenges. Appreciate yours and make the most of it.

If you dont believe me, ask Tiwa Savage.


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