7 Nigerian Celebrities That Are Certified Foodies


We take a look at some of our favorite celebrities with a keen interest in food and cooking, or perhaps, celebrites that should consider opening a restaurant as soon as possible.

While their colleagues are busy showing off their new wrist watch, their new car and all that, these celebrities will rather show off what they cooked, their lunch, their dinner etc.


Kemi Adetiba’s Instagram page looks like that of a food seller right now thanks to her love for eating and cooking foods.

The popular video director has now began a YouTube series where she majorly cooks new delicacies and you might want to check her YouTube page for weekend meal inspiration.



Now that Dolapo Oni has gone on to become a princess by marrying one of the sons of the late Ooni of Ife, we hope this won’t be the end of Dolapo’s kitchen exploits. The TV personalities loves to bake and is never afraid of taking on a new recipe.

Special ED


Often called minister of enjoyment by his peers, Special Ed’s Instagram is full of special ways of making noodles. If you are making noodles tonight, his Instagram page is a go-to for Inspiration


Kate Henshaw


Nollywood actress is so proficient in the kitchen that seasoning brand, Onga went ahead to make her a brand ambassador with a cooking show to boot.



The plus sized actress loves her food like her life. Eniola Badmus regularly shares photo of her meal and cravings on her Snapchat page.


I’m sure you guys remember the photo above…

bf747232867b11e2ad6322000a9f14f2_6.jpgBANKY W

Also known as Chef W. In between running a record label, becoming a rapper and taking a course in cinematography, Banky  W finds the time to tease us with his kitchen exploits every now and again.

Eku Edewor 3


Eku may set hearts aflutter behind the camera on Studio 53, but once the director yells cut, the leggy beauty is a master chef whipping up tasty delights for herself and significant other.


She recently showed her cooking skill on Reality Access






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