7 Nigerian Delicacies You Must Try Before You Die

Food is as much a cultural identity as language and art. Nigerian food is so mouth watering good that just writing about it is giving me hunger pangs.

Anytime you’re in Nigeria, you should definitely sample some food. Here are some Nigerian delicacies that should go on your wishlist (you seriously have to try these):

Ofada Rice and Sauce

Seven Nigerian Delicacies You must Try

We may love Jollof rice, but Ofada rice is gradually winning our hearts. This rice originated from a town in Ogun state called Ofada. The rice is unpolished and is accompanied with a special sauce that keeps you coming back for more. Ofada rice is truly the Yoruba’s gift to Nigeria!

Boli (with Fish Sauce or Peanuts)

Seven Nigerian Delicacies You must Try

Boli is a roasted plantain dish that is accompanied with a fish sauce or just plain groundnuts (peanuts) depending on your location. In Rivers state, Boli and fish sauce is a common delicacy. In Southwestern Nigeria, boli is eaten with peanuts.


Seven Nigerian Delicacies You must Try

This common staple comes to us courtesy of the Hausa and Fulani men. They dominate the suya and kilishi trade. Suya and Kilishi are made from finely cut beef parts, seasoned with pepper and salt. Kilishi is dried and may be thought of as beef jerky. Suya is roasted and sold on almost every street corner with pepper, onions, cucumbers and even cabbage.

Nkwobi and Isi Ewu (Goat Head)

Seven Nigerian Delicacies You must Try

Ever visit a typical Nigerian bar? Nkwobi is a meat delicacy from Southeastern Nigeria made entirely from the leg portion of a cow. Isi Ewu (Goat head) as the name implies is made from the head of a goat. These two dishes make the best accompaniments to a chilled bottle of beer. The fact that these two Nigerian delicacies are usually served in a little mortar just adds to the whole eating experience.


Image: Lohis Creations

This is made from cassava, palm oil, garden egg leaves, pepper, meat and fish. The Igbos in Southeastern Nigeria that has taken over the whole of Nigeria. There is a variety of this dish made with just cassava and coconut. This is one yummy dish.


Seven Nigerian Delicacies You must Try

Another Southeastern dish made from Bambara nuts. The nuts are soaked and blended. Then mixed with palm oil, fish, pepper, salt before being steamed. If you’re looking for local health options, try Okpa. It’s packed with lots of protein.


Image: Nigeria Food Channel

Although I’m not sure where this tasty goat meat dish originates from, it is one delicacy you’ve got to have. Asun contains roasted goat meat that is fried in a pepper and onion sauce. This is another staple accompaniment that goes great with drinks.


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