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Here Are 7 Perfect Makeup Tips Every Woman Can Adopt (Pictures)

Makeup is something most ladies want to get right. Perhaps, many times you have wondered how to make your lipstick stay on all day, or curl your eyelashes. Every woman or girl who takes care of her appearance follows trends when it comes to make up.

Still, there are makeup tips you discover and be like: Why did I waste my money? Or why did I waste that makeup product? It’s hard being a girl and dealing with makeup can be a real struggle sometimes and the taste associated with the way of makeup differs from woman to woman.

But, here are some makeup tips every woman can adopt, you might not know that will make your life a little easier.

1. Put petroleum jelly on your eyelashes before applying mascara to avoid clumps

You don’t necessarily have to redo your makeup after work or school on a night out. A great way to fix up your mascara and avoid clumps is to take some petroleum jelly between your fingertips or use a mascara wand and rub it onto your lashes. Apply your mascara afterwards.



2. Cut open makeup tubes to get every drop

Makeup packaging can be a real pain, but a great way to get every piece for your money is to cut open your makeup tubes and scrape out the leftover makeup into another pot. It is your money and your makeup product so cut it to get the rest of what you paid for.


3. Use white eyeliner or pencil as an eyeshadow base


4. Bake your face

A great way to keep your concealer in place or reduce oil is baking, don’t worry this kind of baking does not require using an oven.This technique is simple; just place your concealer usually under the eyes and blend it out. Then place a heavy layer of white powder on top. Let it set for 5 minutes and then knock off the remaining powder.


5. Match your foundation to your neck

To avoid your face being a different color from your neck, test foundations on your neck and not your hand or wrist. This will give you a much more natural look. You do not want to step out looking like coke and fanta.


6. Revive your mascara with eye drops

If your mascara gets dry and lumpy, put a few squirts of eye drops into the tube. It will liquefy the mascara so you can keep on using it.


7. Make lipstick last longer with a tissue and translucent (white) powder.

It is annoying having your lipstick not staying put, a quick remedy for that is after applying your lipstick, take a tissue and place it over your lips. Then, take translucent powder on a brush and dab it onto the tissue over your lips. Now your lipstick will stay put.



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