7 Phrases That Sound Annoying To Men

Men also have feelings. No doubt it is easy to hurt them. You’re lucky if your partner is patient and understanding. If the person you’re in love with forgets and forgives all the unpleasant things you say to him, it doesn’t mean you should take advantage of this. There are some certain phrases you should never say to any man – they are too rude and annoying to hear. Even if your man needs to be taught a lesson, refrain from trying to humiliate him by saying the following things:

1. You are a mommy’s boy
Love is blind and, no matter how irritating mommy’s boys may look, some women fall in love with such men. You cannot tell if the man is a mommy’s boy at first sight. If it were possible, it would help ladies to avoid many mistakes. However, we usually find this out after a few weeks or even months, when the relationship is in full swing. What can you do if you love the person and do not want to leave him? Is the situation hopeless? Well, the only thing you can do is to try to put up with his weaknesses and maybe make friends with his mother. She might after all be a nice person whom you will also like and respect.

2. I want to know all about your ex
Curiosity killed the cat! Stop asking him to tell you about his ex-girlfriends and past relationships. Not only is it rude and impolite, it is unhealthy for your current relationship. It’s unacceptable to discuss your partner’s intimate life with his exes. It will only make you feel worse if you know such things. What is the point in digging into your man’s past if it cannot be changed? Leave his past behind and move forward. Put more effort and energy into creating a better relationship then he has ever had.

3. Look at that girl – she is stunning!
This sentence has destroyed hundreds of relationships. This phrase is too provoking. There’s no need to test your partner by trying to pay his attention to other females. The worst thing is that the lady you are pointing at might look better than you. If your man agrees with you and admits that the woman he sees look good, you will get mad. If your man disagrees with you, you will get mad anyways simply because you will suspect him of lying. It’s stupid of you to make your partner feel uncomfortable. At present he is with you which means that he loves just you and not any other woman. Respect yourself and do not compare yourself to other women.

4. You are too shy and boring
Introverts know how to relax and have fun. However, they do it differently. What they find fun might look too boring to others. Most of us think that the only way to relax is to go to night clubs, bars, cafes and parties. In fact, there are more fun activities and introverts prefer to stay home. They like to spend time with those they know very well. They do not feel relaxed among strangers. If you are dating an introvert, try to appreciate that. As a matter of fact, introverts make the best spouses – they are loyal, reliable, calm and nice to others. They are neither boring nor shy – they are caring and faithful.

5. How beautiful am I?
There are no stupid questions. There are stupid people. Do not be one of such people and never ask your boyfriend this question. It is a sign of low self-esteem only. Do you want to be constantly reminded how attractive and sexy you are? Then why are you dating a man who never compliments you? If he loves you, he will always remember to tell you sweet words. If you never hear such words, it means he is indifferent to you.

6. How soon will you call?
Sometimes we can’t help asking the person we like how soon we will meet him again. We want him to call us and directly ask whether he is going to call us or not. Actually, this kind of questions proves that you are too clingy and dependent. Be patient and let your man decide what to do on his own. Do not push him to do what he doesn’t feel like doing.

7. You will fail and you will never succeed
The key principle of any relationship is to support each other. Our mission is to inspire and motivate our partners. You will not make things worse if you keep saying how unlucky your man is. Be nice to your boyfriend and let him believe he is strong and smart enough to cope with his problems. It is too humiliating for a man to hear that you find him useless. Instead of reproaching him try to find a solution, give advice and encourage him to move ahead.


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