7 Pictures Only Tall People Understand

You may think that being a tall person is the cream of the crop but to each it’s own.

You get into some scenarios and you ask yourself what’s the use of those additional inches and a lot more pertaining questions.

Justin Irabor shared a few sketches of his that clearly explain the problems of a tall person

1. When you have to wear one size fit the team shirt at the office



2. When you enter a bus from Maryland to Onipanu and all you’re asking is why are the seats so tight?



3. Taking a stroll with your friends and you have to walk super slow for them to catch up



4. When you remember that the fan is so closer to you than others



5. Worse when you’re a woman in heels too



6. When you have to squat for group photos



7. When everyone fits perfectly into their beds and you’re just there like


 source: Omgvoice

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