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7 Reasons Why Ooni Of Ife’s Wife, Olori Wuraola Is Different From Past Oloris

Ever since the current Ooni of Ife His Imperial Majesty, Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II was crowned in December 2015, one major plus of his reign is his wife Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi.

Effortlessly beautiful and highly intelligent, the Olori has shown time and time again a penchant for humanitarian & philanthropic initiatives aimed at helping children, women and young people to lead healthy and productive lives.

Check out other reasons why Olori Wuraola is different from past Olori’s below:

1. She is not in ‘hiding’.

Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi

Unlike previous queens, Olori Wuraola has chosen not remain in the shadows of the Ife monarchy. She regularly attends conferences, seminars and societal events that allow the world to get insights to what she has to offer.


2. Her humanitarian & philanthropic initiatives.

Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi

Even though she has no political power as the wife of the highest monarch in Yoruba land, Olori Wuraola has set up The Queen of Ile-Ife Foundation, an organization that focuses on Education, Cultural Development, Poverty, Healthcare Intervention, and Enterprise Empowerment.  Via this foundation, one can see she is touching the lives of many positively.


3. She lends her voice to the right causes.


Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi

The issue of gender equality has been a mainstay of 2016. The Olori has often spoken out about gender equality and the strengths of women when compared to that of men.


4. Her level of education.

Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi

Contrary to the opinion of many, the Olori is a highly educated woman. She is an alumnus of The European School of Economics. And she later went on to establish her career as a real estate developer and Investor- involved in developments both in the Middle East and Africa.


5. She is a role model for girls all over the world.

Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi

The world is currently suffering a dearth of proper role models for young girls. The Olori via her general carriage since she became queen has shown herself to be a role model for girls.


6. Her fashion sense.

Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi.

The Olori keeps showing that one can rock white in so many ways without looking boring. Always dressed in white, the Olori keeps showing that one can rock white in so many ways without looking boring.


7. She supports her King in every way.

Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi

Reminiscent of other royals around the world, the Olori is always at her husband the King’s side. Former Ooni’s usually flew solo. Perhaps Kabiyesi Ogunwusi realizes that having her as his backbone has more advantages than disadvantages


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