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7 Reasons President Buhari Is A Fashionista, No. 4 Will Shock You

Do you think your president is not fashionable? Think again. He’s got a hard job, but President Buhari goes about it in good fashion. You think you got style? Let’s show just how President Muhammadu Buhari has proven to us in some way that he too has got a fashion sense and is stylish like some of your favourite celebs. With his low-key swag, President Muhammadu Buhari has got fashion designers dying to put their outfits on him. Looking look is a good business.

Here are 7 times Buhari has been declared a fashion icon:

1. Buhari looks amazing in this babariga outfit.


2. Buhari is slaying even in an indian outfit.


3. Cheers to Buhari’s flawless fashion.


4. Doesn’t he just look amazing in this outfit.


5. Buhari is repping the Niger delta well


6. Even in suit he slays.


7. Buhari looks dapper in the Yoruba attire.


8. Buhari looks dope in this Igbo attire.



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