7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Dangerous Apps Today

Many people do not realize it, but smartphones can get viruses in much the same way that computers and laptops do. What makes smartphone viruses dangerous is that they can sit in the background and collect information such as all of your phone numbers, your credit card information and your bank account information as you use your smartphone.

Smartphone viruses are also dangerous because people do not expect them, which means that people are less likely to check for a virus to prevent it from stealing their information. The primary source for viruses on smartphones are dangerous apps that use malicious code. Sometimes these apps just download code that disables your smartphone, but most of the dangerous apps steal your information. There are steps you can take to protect yourself from dangerous apps, and prevent viruses from getting downloaded onto your smartphone.

Use Virus Protection

Virus protection apps for your smartphone will not only help you to identify dangerous apps, but virus protection can also remove dangerous apps if they do get loaded onto your phone. You should get virus protection for your smartphone and run a check at least once a month.

Use Only Reputable App Sites

Google Play and Amazon are two of the larger app stores for Android phones, while Apple has its iTunes app store for the iPhones. Unless the website you are getting your app from is extremely reputable, then never buy apps from other sources. Always stick to the reputable app suppliers.

Never Buy Bargain Apps

That app you really want is $10 on the app store, but there is a site that offers it for 99 cents that you swear is perfectly safe. The idea of using only reputable sources for your apps applies to those bargain websites as well. You may think you are getting your app at a great discount, but all you are really getting is a virus that could destroy your phone.

Avoid Apps That Launch Before Their Announced Dates

Reputable apps use launch dates as ways to help their marketing be more effective. If you see an app that is supposed to launch on June 1 but it is available in May, then avoid that app. Dangerous app developers often use this tactic to entice users to download their viruses, and it works because users think they are getting an exclusive deal.

Update Your Smartphone OS

Smartphones tend to be very sensitive to changes in their operating systems, so it is important to update your smartphone OS each time an update is available. You could be leaving your smartphone open to dangerous apps if you do not update the OS and its security features.

Never Modify Your Phone

Some users modify or “hack” their smartphones to get special features for free. When you modify your phone, you may be defeating the security features built into the OS and opening your phone up to dangerous apps.

Check The Permissions An App Is Looking For

Most dangerous apps ask for permissions that reputable apps do not request. For example, if an app asks for permission to read your texts, then it is probably an app you want to avoid.

Your smartphone is just as vulnerable to viruses as your computer, but the effects of a smartphone virus can be very devastating. Think of all of the information you store and use on your smartphone every day, and that will help you to see why it is so important to avoid dangerous apps.

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